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Business Technology Consultant

Marketing Automation,

Chatbots & Robotics



Marketing Technology (MarTec) Implementations

I can help you choose the right tool for your business, depending of budget, goals and business plan.

Don’t waste unnecesary money on things you will never use.

Marketing Automation and Multi-channel orchestration

Automation is the way. Automate most of your marketing campaings and track revenue.

Consultancy, Traning & Agency Services

You can hire me as a consultar, as a trainer or as a freelancer. Whatever works best for your business.

Ask away!

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Why Us

15 Years of Experience

Yep, since I was 15 my journey with technology begun, today I have worked with incredible companies in different areas.

Technical Support

Experience Design




NYD is the acronym for Nayith as well.

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+506 6284 6592

San José, Costa Rica

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